Thursday, February 3, 2011


First off an apology for all of our followers out there in blogland, we don’t seem to have posted anything for a while, mainly I guess because work has kept Jon travelling around Europe. Still let’s put that right now. I’ve started running again, effectively for the first time since completing the Jungle Marathon in Brazil last October, I certainly have needed to because, well how can I put this, a certain amount of winter plummage needs shedding. Incidentally I’ve posted a picture of myself just before the jungle marathon started, now you may wonder why not a picture at the finish, well gentle reader the week of the race seemed to take it’s toll of me photographically so vanity means that the start picture is the one you get.

Following that train of thought it’s made me think about the benefit of resting well on multi-day endurance events and it’s no secret to say that my strategy will be to ensure that Jon gets as much comfortable sleep as possible during the compulsory night stop. Certainly on my ‘ultra’s this has not always been the case with the bed on the MDS being the hard desert floor, (no it’s not all soft sand as depicted in films!), a hammock prone to collapse during the Jungle Marathon and on the UTMB well who needs sleep on a race that only takes 38 hours!

It will however be interesting to see what a difference the new rules for 2011, that insist on a night stop, bring to the event. Previously the desire to ‘push on’ has meant that pilots have flown without perhaps the acumen needed to obtain the most successful cross country flights, 2011 could therefore bring a different pattern to the race, we’ll see.

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