Sunday, February 27, 2011

No connection...

No posts for a while, but fear not, training has continued a pace.  The reason for the internet silence is simply due to the fact I was on holiday with the family in Grindelwald, and the place we were staying had no internet connection (to mis-quote a famous film, it wouldn't be a holiday if it had).  I'm sure if I'd been motivated to I could have found a solution, but I wasn't, so there.

Coming back into Grindlewald on my 'little run'

Anyhow, we had mixed weather but plenty of opportunity for training, in between the obligatory skiing and snowboarding I found time to hike up the mountain twice (once with just trekking gear with it chuking it down with snow, and once with my snowboard on my back for the ride down) and for a run around the valley.

As always all 'moves' can be seen on  Keep an eye on the official Red Bull X-Alps website as well as there should be a lot more coming there soon!

That's it for now. 

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