Thursday, August 26, 2010

Photo shoot on the Saleve

X-Alps preparation continues, as I borrowed the services of a work colleague, James Whetton, who is a rather good photographer to take some portrait photos.  To thank him for his services I took him up for a tandem flight.  Here is the result, and some pretty pictures of evening flying above Geneva.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Running with my Dad

My father, who in a moment of insanity has agreed to be my supporter in the X-Alps (if I do actually get in) was over for the weekend so we went for a run together up the Saleve (1200m hill next to Geneva).  We took the path up the Grand gorge from Coin then did a loop on the top following part of the ‘grand tour’ before descending via the path through the cave.  It took us 50mins to the summit (versus the 2hr 20min on the sign!) and in total was a very enjoyable 2hrs running.  My Dad did complain a bit which made me feel good about my own training.  That may sound strange given he is in his 60’s but as he is about to take part in a 200km jungle ultra-marathon in Brazil in October and is close to the peak of his own training, I was quite chuffed!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Racing trains

I’ve just come back from a week long family holiday in Leukerbad and Gruyeres. Plenty of hiking in the mountains and evening runs to keep me in training.  No flying though – for once the paraglider stayed at home.  On one of the days my wife and I walked with our two children from Gruyere village to the village of Moleson. Not that far in the grand scheme of things but still a 2 hr hike with 400m height gain, which my youngest daughter, Lucy who is only 5yrs old, took in her stride! Afterwards the plan was to go up to Moleson summit.  Ali and the girls went to get tickets for the funicular mountain railway, whilst I set off at speed on foot.  Fortunately for them there was a train just about to depart.  Fortunately for me, they missed it!  The run up was easier than I expected and soon the top was in site.  The train was in the station and just about to depart but the family were nowhere to be seen! I was there with a comfortable 10mins to spare waiting for the next train to arrive!  Most of my running experience (Course de Duc, Geneva half marathon) has all been on the flat but I think I have been bitten by the ‘running up mountains’ bug.  The more I think about it the more excited I am about the X-Alps.  I just hope they let me in!