Sunday, July 7, 2013

Three hours

Three hours until everything changes.

It took two years to get to this point.

When the start gun goes, the relaxed mood of attention and preparation will be replaced with focused race mode. We're in good shape. Jon is in the best physical and flying form of his life. The atmosphere in the support van is good. Richard and I are working well together.

The weather forecast is OK for the Gaisberg area: some E'ly wind and cloudbase around 2000m, but the airmass is quite humid, and there's a chance of thunderstorms during the afternoon, especially in the high mountains and Dachstein area. With a mixed forecast, airspace to negotiate, several tens of kilometers to cover on foot, and a 3000m mountain to climb all in the first 24 hours of the race, it is sure that this year's X-Alps will be technical and challenging right from the start.

Game on.


  1. Great work this morning Jon, looking really strong! Fingers crossed for a strong flight this afternoon. I've got the live tracking running on every computer/tablet/phone/tv...

  2. Congrats on a fantastic effort

  3. Well done Jon, fantastic race, loved following you and watching your Dads very funny videos. Enjoy the Champagne.

  4. What's your Facebook page called?

  5. Congratulations Jon. Bloody well done! Carlo

    1. Actually what I guess I should've written was:

      Congratulations Team GBR. Bloody well done! Carlo