Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Mighty Dolomites

Tre Cime from the Tre Cime hut at 2450m
We are currently sitting in the van (thank heavens for small mercies) with rain falling in stair rods all around us, so cannot say that this Dolomite weather is really suiting flying at the moment. Still today has not been a complete waste, we did achieve something before the weather stopped play. We began the day in Bad Moos on the northern side of the Tre Cime turnpoint, expecting the weather to worsen, Jon set off early (well not proper X-Alps early but early enough) to begin the walk up to the Tre Cime hut and then the col to the east of Tre Cime where he then took off to the bewilderment of several onlookers. I meanwhile had driven round to Misurina where we had guesstimated that the glide down would take him to. However, a non-straightforward bit of flying after take-off had dictated some concentration during the first few moments of the flight so Jon had not been focussing completely on route findings. Misurina has a small lake around which the town nestles but then so does Auronzo and guess what! Still at least Jon is unlikely to go the wrong way there in the X-Alps now he has done it in practise!
Contemplating the Cortina valley!

We then drove across the Tre Croci col and parked up to explore take off points high up on the Ski resort on the southern side of the col, alas whilst some decent prospects for take offs existed the wind and by now the rain, rendered all of them useless for today, luckily however we got back to the van (Hannibal) before the worst of the weather. Since then we have been mainly looking for somewhere to park the van with access to wifi with which to post this blog (amongst other things) but with absolutely no luck so by the time you get to read this we will have moved on, the delights and complications of Bolzano airspace the next challenge.

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