Sunday, June 12, 2011

Matterhorn turnpoint

On the final day of our trip to learn the first part of the route I found myself back in known territory - the Valais is a local flying area for me.  The weather also decided to play ball with thermic conditions despite a layer of high cloud (which slowed the development and was probably a blessing otherwise the day may have become quite stormy quite quickly).

A quick hike up to a launch spot above the Goms valley proved that take-off spots are not always easy to come by.  The spine we were walking up was incredibly steep, but I still managed to find just enough space to throw myself off (almost literally) on what has to go down as the most extreme launch I've done yet.  No video I'm afraid as I needed the help of my father to help me launch. I flew from there down route towards Zermatt, although once again I didn't really have the height to penetrate into the Zermatt valley so instead we travelled up to Zermatt by car and train to check out the walking route up to the  turnpoint.

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