Friday, June 3, 2011

Another busy day...

After a long drive yesterday we arrived this morning in the Salzburg area.  First stop was Zooom productions in Fuschl am See, which in July becomes the X-Alps HQ.  After a pleasant cup of coffee with Nick, we set off on the next task - map purchasing and food shopping!  I left my father in charge of the provisioning and set off running in the direction of the Gaisberg, the first turnpoint in the X-Alps.  Being some way from the mountain the first part of the run was more or less flat to get to the bottom.  We’d agreed to meet up at the summit, but I was barely a third of the way up when a phone call informed me that due to a vintage car rally the road was closed and so the van (and more importantly lunch) were at the bottom. A quick change of direction and lunch back down at the van, was soon followed  by a quick look around the vintage cars (see photo) followed by a hike up, by both of us this time, and with glider in my case.  We made the top in less than half the time indicated by the signs, looked at the rather wind blown take offs, looked at some more vintage cars and trotted back down.

 A drive south east along the course line led us to a hill about half way between the Gaisberg and turnpoint 2, the Dachstein.  After some sun earlier there had been some storms developing both east and west of us, but now, around 6pm the weather was fine and the wind was light.  I ran up a hundred meters or so, only to find that the wind, although light, was coming from the back of the hill and blowing down the slope, I worked around onto the NE face where it was at least cross slope and threw myself off the mountain for a glide down to the valley near to Abtenau.  We are now in the van parked up in the West Dachstein ski areas while thunder storms rumble around us.  Another successful day training!

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