Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Up North.

So, training flights around Chamonix and fun days out in the Valais eh, afraid the training for the junior partner in this blog has been much more mundane but training nevertheless. Let’s see, I’ve done lots of shopping and cooking, driven to the Alps and back (from Cumbria) and started on the physical fitness side of things by digging the bike out of the garage as a means of transport (nothing to do with the price of diesel I assure you but does anybody know how to adjust a front derailleur).

I also walked up my local hill (in the Yorkshire Dales) yesterday, twice in fact as on gaining the summit I realised that the wind was just right for flying off the hill, however my paraglider was safely resting at home so walked down the hill, grabbed the glider and walked back up only to find that the wind was now almost non-existent, spent some time waiting for the slightest breeze but none arrived so for the first time for ages (especially in Cumbria) had to perform an Alpine launch for a pleasant glide back down to the house.

As for todays training, think I’ll watch some cookery shows.

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