Sunday, March 13, 2011

Out & about

This weekend’s weather forecast was unappealing, a warm front was going to bring murky weather, rain and we'd also have strong winds to boot.  Apparently.  The reality was different.  Certainly the claggy weather arrived with very poor visibility - given the forecast I decided to go walking and running on Saturday (which was forecast to be the dry day).  I ran from my house to the Voiron, walked up to the summit, ran the length of the ridge down to Bonne and then crossed the valley via Reignier. From there I went up the back of the Saleve before running back down the front back into Geneva.  A very enjoyable day out, all told, but there was very little wind so with hindsight I wish I'd had my glider with me - that way I'd have been able to do more ascent, using the glider for fast descents (I'm not a great fan of running down hills!).   

Anyway, inset is a picture of me looking somewhat rough at the top of the Voiron, only a couple of hours into my epic day out.  All told I ran or walked 55km and climbed over 2100m.  Here is the link to the move on movescount - although note that the data didn't download properly for some reason. My feet were hurting a little and I was expecting a few blisters but thankfully they seemed to weather the onslaught pretty well and my legs feel ok today too - I expected to be suffering somewhat.  Bodes well, I guess!

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