Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Waiting is Over

Finally, finally, our friends at the X-Alps organising team have announced the athletes in the 2013 X-Alps.  And we're in!  Yeahhh!

Anyhow, training and preparation has already started but the to do list has suddenly got a lot longer!  Sadly we are the only British team in the event this time, but I am convinced that we will be, once again, one of the best prepared teams in the event.  This year two supporters are allowed so my father will be joined by Tom Payne, veteran of the 2009 race and an outstanding pilot and ultra-runner.

In the email we recieved just ahead of the announcements on and facebook, we were also informed that the final route will only be announced in Spring.  This means detailed route analysis will have to wait until then.  Also included in the messgae, for the first time, is the start date which will be July 7th 2013.

So now the real work begins.

One of our first jobs is to line up the support and personal sponsors we will need to make sure the team is properly prepared.  More to come on this.

I will give regular updates here on our teams preparation and training.

Thanks to all our supporters, and particularly to Clare who's enthusiasm on facebook is much appreciated!

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  1. Delighted you are in X-Alps again. It will be interesting to see how the additional supporter helps. Good luck with it all!
    Can I ask you a quick question about your SIV training. I am writing an article for XC Mag and am interested in good examples from pilots like you to mention in the article. Do you train specifically and regularly on SIV stuff? Do you do much under formal supervision e.g. with Flyeo.
    Many thanks for any comments.