Thursday, July 14, 2011

Storms and briefings...

Weather took a turn for the worst here yesterday with a thunderstrom rolling through yesterday afternoon.  Following that we've had low cloud and drizzle... suddenly everyone seems to be contemplating the walking routes rather than discussing the intricacies of Salzburg airspace!

Still, briefings continue.  Of note we learnt that even the might of the Red Bull organisation has not been able to negotiate the use of Mont Gros launch for the final fly down when we get to Monaco - it seems instead we'll have to use an alternative take off, or, would you believe it, walk!  Details of exactly how this will work seem vague, but I expect it will become clear for those that get there!

This afternoons briefing was a technical briefing on how the logging data works for the live tracking.  It seems that the live tracking is massively updated this year with 1sec recording intervals, so you'll be able to see the minutae of our flights!  Given the data is sent in packets, there is a small delay though on what you see.  Try not to get too addicted!

As for us, we are feeling pretty relaxed and mostly on top of things.  We still have a list of stuff to do but we are onto the finer details now.  Next big events include the pre-race dinner on friday night, a press conference in Salzburg on Saturday morning and then of course the start itself.

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