Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A busy day in Fuschl

Busy day today - here is a photo montage of the day!
 The race office is open!  We aimed to be the first to arrive in order to get the paperwork out of the way (and to be in the habit of being first!) alas, Martin Muller, SUI3 was already there in front of us!

Registration - lots of stuff, including loggers, phones, cameras lots of clothes and another 3 (!) pairs of shoes.  Not sure where we can put it in the van, but we'll work on that (Dad says once he gets rid of me it will be easy!)
 Registration done, and we are on the Gaisberg for a pre race flight.  Lots of competitors are there, including Martin in the photo above, FRA 2 & 3, Max from Canada, Ogi, Pierre Carter and Honza Reijmanek.
 Launching - wind was light and the day was stable...
 Very stable - here we are thermalling in a weak climb below launch.  We never broke through the inversion and in the end only managed around 10km down route.  Still, it had been a good day and we headed back to Fuschl for a refreshing dip in the lake...
We thought our work was done for the day and we were just beginning to relax when, still dripping wet from our swim we were accosted by Ludwig, one of the photographers, and promptly asked to head back up the Gaisberg for a photo shoot.

The photo shoot took about 2 hours, including every item of sponsored equipment.  Here I am supposedly making a diary entry on our team Leica camera, whilst Oliver photographs me.  So you could say this is a photo of someone taking a photo of me taking my photo!

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