Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gimmee a High5 !!!

The X-Alps start is some way off but stuff for the race seems to be arriving chez Chambers almost daily at the moment - it is almost overwhelming.  Probably the delivery that suprised me the most has come from High5.  When they said they'd support me with some products I had no idea that they were aiming to cover my entire nutritional intake for the race with their products alone!

When I started my training I tried many different brands of energy bars, gels and isotonic drinks.  When I moved to High5 a few months ago, I suddenly realised that energy bars didn't need to resemble Wham! bars (remember those?).  Instead, they could taste like real food (because the High5 ones are). And isotonic drink didn't need to be sticky and sickly.  Net, I am sure that I really do have the best sports nutrition products to support me through the race - the 4:1 endurance drink will be the main drink in my drinks bottle through the race. The data published on the benefits of this for multi-day endurance races is impressive.

What's more, even their name is appropriate for a paragliding race!

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