Sunday, May 15, 2011

The wing arrives...

My X-Alps wing has arrived!  I've been itching to fly it ever since I picked it up on Saturday morning.  Unfortunately the weather has not played ball and for once it has been windy and wet here in Geneva.  The photo was taken during my 5 hour training walk today - I got absolutely soaked!

Anyway, back to the wing.  My chosen  wing is a special lightweight version of the Ozone M4.  Whilst many of the pilots in the X-Alps will be on lightweight versions of comp wings (and the R11 was VERY tempting...) I've decided that the M4 is the right wing for this as I need something I can launch anywhere, land anywhere and fly in the most demanding of conditions. 

The attention to detail from Ozone in making the wing lightweight is impressive, as well as lightweight fabric it has very skinny risers (not sure you can actually call them risers) and even  kevlar loops to replace the normal maillons where the lines join the risers.

Watch this space for my first impressions of the wing when I get to fly it (soon hopefully...)

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