Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Having a plan...

Today went according to plan.

We turned up at the race office first thing and sneaked through the registration and equipment collection before anyone else made it there.  We then got through the technical checks on the glider and the rest of the equipment with ease (everything being in order).

The gear provided this time is excellent - great clothing from Reebok, a black edition GoPro as well as an Ambit watch from Suunto.  We also get some equipment just for the race - a Flymaster Live (for the live tracking) and Pieps Globalfinder device amongst other stuff.

We'd only just had time to look through all of this before we dashed up the Gaisberg to go for a fly.  My plan was to fly down to the Dachstein and back.  About half of the X-Alps field were there on take off and, spread over about an hour we all left heading south east.  Conditions were good, but even so the transition across the Abtenau valley to the Dachstein required some focus.  Once established on the Dachstein the conditions were excellent, with strong climbs and amazing views.  I didn't hang around though, the sky looked like it was going to overdevelop so I sped back to Fuschl as fast as my little LM5 would carry me.  Despite the headwind I made excellent time and was landing back in Fuschl after only 3hrs 30mins in the air - not bad for just under 100km!  The picture below is approaching the Dachstein turnpoint at 3000m!


  1. Best of luck Jon - will be cheering all the way. Its a shame I'm not moving to St gilgen til next month otherwise I'd be there in person. Loved the book. Take it easy :)

  2. Hi Jon. Good luck fellah and hope the conditions are like that flight! We will be egging you on via, facebook, Twitter, x-alps website, parents, family and head up display! Have an awesome time. Dunk

  3. Thumbs up from Downunder, love your Plan straight into it,
    Flyhigh Flysafe...and may the thermals be with you.