Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tour du Mont Blanc

Today I flew the classic 'Tour du Mont Blanc'.  Here are some photos from the day:

Self portrait flying along the SE faces from Champex - I'd left first but had expected the guys on comp wings to overtake me, but they didn't so I flew as far as Mont Blanc on my own (I can only assume they were enjoying the view too much!)

Looking back and down on the top cable car station above Courmayer.

The Col Du Meage (3400m) from about 1000m above it!

Mont Blanc in the background.  The plan was to attempt a summit landing but after getting there first at around 2pm, I 'only' managed to climb to 4600m, after some time above 4000m the altitude was affecting me and I had very cold hands so decided not to wait.  Later on, around 4pm, a number of pilots including Damien and Uli did top land.  Bravo guys!

Chamonix valley, looking vey, very small!

Heading back via the 'tiger route' round the top of the Trient glacier

Looking back at Sylvain D'Honneur showing quite how extreme the terrain was that we were crossing.

Looking back at Sylvain again - now heading back out to Champex


  1. Wow, Jon! Incredible flight... I've dreamed of this circuit for years. Perhaps you'll show me the way next August?

    Respect, and envy...

  2. John,

    Thanks for the pictures! It was great to share this end of flight with you.
    Thanks also for opening the way at the begining!

    How lucky men we are!!

  3. Stunning photos Jon, thanks for sharing.


  4. What an experience, what an achievement!! Thank you for sharing it with us all, Jon.