Thursday, December 2, 2010


I have been severely reprimanded by the owner of this blog for letting through yesterday’s post with a couple of errors in it. In my defence I would say that so eager was I to cast aside my blogging virginity that I did not read through the piece sufficiently well, that this should happen to me, the ultimate grammatical pedant........

But back to the plot, I read through (perhaps to annoy Jon I should have typed that as ‘ I red frew’) the Rules and Regulations of the Red Bull X-Alps race yesterday and whilst by and large the rules relating to the ‘physical’ side of the race seem straightforward there are quite a lot of technical things to take care of in the way of uploading of videos, online diaries, photos etc and keeping tracklog back-ups etc, I’ll have to shake off my natural Luddite tendencies. This should not be a problem because as Jon never fails to remind me I used to work in IT, trouble was this was in the dim and distant past when a computer the size of a small house possessed a total memory capacity of sometimes up to 16k.

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