Monday, October 18, 2010

Final results from the Jungle

So, after 222km of running through jungles, swamps and wading rivers, my father has finally finished his jungle marathon.  Check it out at   In his own words, "Dont think I did too bad for an old fart, 9th overall and 1st vet, Was in line for 1st Brit until the last day but got pipped at the post by a couple of commandos half my age, bloody cheek.!"

I'm beginning to wonder if we do get into the X-Alps if I should change my strategy and just teach my father to fly cross-country and switch roles - it might be easier! Only joking!

On my side the running pales into insignificance againt the jungle exploits of my father, but still, ran 26.5km yesterday with Tom 'X-Alps 2009' Payne (he is still quite fast!) and then ran into the office this morning (another 10km).  So I'm beginning to ratchet up the km's.

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